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Dennis Landgraf

I was born 1976 in Frankfurt am Main. My interest in health and Buddhism both started at an early age. Initially I did not link these two areas of knowledge, however later I recognised that Buddha is like a doctor that reduces pain by restoring the balance of body and mind. It became clear to me that health and sickness were not accidental.

Luckily I had the oppotunity to study in depth, Traditional Tibetan Medicine (TTM), a relatively unknown medical system in the western world. The highlight of my traineeship was the certificate award ceremony by His Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama in Klagenfurt.

I would like to help you keep or find your psychosomatic balance through the use of gentle ways and methods.

Sandra Landgraf

I was born 1978 in Aschaffenburg, and I am qualified kindergarten teacher and later I retrained at the Capio Hofgarten Clinic to become an office administrator („Bürokauffrau“).

It was while I was working there that I become aware of the importance of prevention in the healthcare sector. I began to extremely interest in medi-tation, autogenic training and massage.

I would like to share with others the well-being and life quality that I have achieved through these methods..

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